Regardless of my Political views and approach, it is important that everyone who can vote does so. The decisions that are made in Government especially in this parliament are going to resonated for at least a generation if not more.

You cannot complain about the Government if you didn’t vote. This is especially true of the under 25’s, who historically are the least likely group to vote.

Its is often heard that

  • My vote wont matter
  • they don’t listen to us anyway
  • I don’t know enough to vote

Whilst there are flaws in our first past the post electoral system, which does mean that if you live in a safe seat for a party you wouldn’t vote for, it can feel like your vote is not important ( This is key reason why I prefer Multi member constituencies, but that in an aside)

There are ways around this though, through tactical voting, or vote swapping through site such as These can make your vote worth more.


However even without such methods, getting out and voting is key. based on the above graphic, a number of safe seats could easily turn out to be not so safe, if enough people voted.

The second point regarding that fact they don’t listen, is often heard from the under 25 demographic. There is a reason policy doesn’t reflect your views, and why you are generally an ignored part of the system. The reason is over 65s pretty much all will go out to vote, as such if you want to win an election, you need to win these.

If the under 25s actually voted on mass, it would send shockwaves through the system, and policy would have to start to take account of their views.  Policy will not change until you start to vote.

I don’t know enough to vote, to me seems to be the laziest excuse out there. Its election time, there is a lot of news, even if you don’t feel 100% informed, go with the party that resonates most with you. If you want to be more certain try using resources such as or take a political compass test to see how closely you match up to a party.

Finally and most important make sure you register in time. You can do this here, however registration closes in 7 days (22nd May) its only take 5 minutes, make sure you don’t miss out.

If you are going to a music festival remember you can elect for a postal vote, so you don’t miss out.  Its also worth noting for those of you wanting a credit card, you cannot get one unless you are on the electoral register, so worth thinking about.

Why not post your views in the comment section below, or the results of your political compass test?




The Myth behind Labour Spending

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Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement

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During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. George Orwell

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