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Britain: For the Love of God, Please Stop Theresa May

A great article well worth the read. If you are undecided please read this. If you are going to vote against Labour due to the ‘magic money tree’ please read this.

I just ask you to read it and then ask yourself the question. Is austerity working? Are we actually cutting so much that the level of cuts are so steep that it’s impacting the ability of the economy to grow. Growth that will provide valued tax receipts to help with the debt.

Also ask yourself this, if austerity is a nessiasry thing. Why do the rich get tax breaks? Surely we must all play our part?

Benjamin Studebaker

On June 8 (this Thursday), Britain has a general election. I care deeply about British politics–I’m doing my PhD at Cambridge. But more importantly, Theresa May’s government has managed the country’s economy and public services with stunning fecklessness, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do my part to point this out.

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