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“Public Sector”


Sorry, just preparing for the eventual take over.

Whilst scrolling through my regular political feeds, I noticed a very small piece of information that got me thinking, that of the George Osbourne using tax payer money in order to convince Chinese investment in British nuclear power. Such a small detail in larger article, but got me thinking, do the Chinese own British power? Is our electricity produced by Chinese owned companies? Well, quite simply put, yes.

What’s that I hear you ask? Is that it? A small paragraph and that’s it? Well, if you insist I’ll dig a little deeper.

Wait, hold on, foreign corporations own far more of our “public sector”?

That’s right, foreign companies are buying huge amounts of British businesses. Over the last 12 years, Chinese investment alone in the UK is at over £25.5 billion. That’s a lot of business you can buy with that sort of money, so let’s take a look at what they actually own.

Well, As long as it’s only the Chinese right?

No, everyone around the world is buying British “public services”.

Currently, Our Trains and Buses, An essential service to many, are owned by Chinese, French, German and Dutch companies. When you get on the bus to work, aside from a bad smell and someone with their bag on the seat so you’re probably going to have to stand, you’re also hit with the realisation that your fare goes straight out of this country and into another countries economy. When you’re complaining about your train being late, grab your phone and key in the dealing code for France, as French companies are the biggest foreign investors in British Rail systems. Its +33 for anyone actually wanting to try it.

Thirsty? How about a nice, refreshing glass of water? Great, the Chinese own that too. At least six water companies within the country are predominantly owned by Chinese investors. Every time you fill up that kettle, the Chinese are profiting. Let’s face it, we’re British, the amount of tea we drink means a lot of profits for those Chinese corporations. Every time you shower, someone in Beijing might as well be showering in your money.

Foreign investors profit from our day to day lives, and out government lets them. This money is taken directly out of our economy, and the Politicians argue about the lack of money in the economy. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the stupidity here.


p.s. Today’s article is sponsored by the question mark, with the amount I’ve use I think I’ve made a decent amount. Let’s hope my payment comes in pounds sterling….


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