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Former active IRA member serving as Tory Party councillor

Its pretty sickening that the UK press, and people have been trying to turn what was a sickening attack in Manchester into a political point.

People should really look closer to home at what really is being done. Trying to paint Corbyn as a terrorist sympathiser is hypocritical especially when there is an active member of the IRA in your party!

Pride's Purge

A former active member of the IRA is now an active member of the Tory Party despite admitting she once celebrated the deaths of British soldiers and even civilians killed in terrorist acts:

Maria Gatland – once known as Maria McGuire – is now a Conservative Party councillor in Croydon after being reelected in 2014.

Ms Gatland was briefly suspended by the Tories in 2008 once her past was revealed but after an “internal investigation” she was then openly readmitted into the party.

Unsurprisingly, there is no mention of the fact she was an active IRA member on the Croydon Conservatives webpage:

I need hardly point out how this fact highlights the extreme hypocrisy on show by both the Tory Party and the UK press during this election.

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Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement

Today MICHEL BARNIER, the European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator, addresses the Dáil and Seanad amidst concerns about a Hard Brexit and the Irish Border

In the speech Barnier, who is known to be a strong opponent of any soft bargain with a Brexit UK, will signify Irish interests as “top priority” in the EU’s negotiation process.

The impact of the Irish Border is a woefully under reported issue in regards to Brexit. The view that the UK could walk away if an agreeable settlement isn’t reached, creates more questions in regards to the Irish border. Continue reading Brexit and the Good Friday Agreement