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UK Media – Balanced or Biased

This is an article I didn’t intend on writing. Quite often the bias of the media is claimed by all sides of the spectrum, and most can evidence selected examples to prove their point.

I’m not going to try to argue it one way or the other, nor try a scientific breakdown of the coverage to ascertain whether this really is the case. What I will do is highlight two incidents and the approach of coverage from these. You can then make up your own mind if these are fair, or not, or biased or not.

The issue at hand is that between the recent gaffs by both Dianne Abbott and Philipp Hammond.

Lets start with Dianne AbbottImage result for diane abbott

Her recent gaff in the LBC interview with Nick Ferrari have been well published, and I wont argue, its pretty critical that a potential Home Secretary knows how many police are on the beat and how they will be costed. Without a doubt the interview was an absolute car crash, this isn’t the first, not is it the last time she has made errors, or seems to have poorly prepped for an interview.

So the media channel I will focus on will be the BBC. How did they report on this and what then happened following this.

Firstly – they had her on the daily politics show where the forced her to listen back to the car crash interview, and then promptly tried to ridicule repeatedly.

Also on their website they ran the below articles

They also had a BBC trending page for her

not just that, a lot of the articles were tagged in the main news page, not buried amidst the election 2017 page, making them far more prominent.

The next gaff which we will look at will be that of Philip Hammond

Image result for philip hammond

Philip Hammond appeared  with John Humphrys on BBC radio and made a claim that there’s a £58 billion hole in Labour’s funding. A figure which is incorrect and even was challenged by Humphrys as he pointed out Hammond’s claim that Jeremy Corbyn ’s manifesto ‘doesn’t add up’ relied on combining current spending and capital spending, which is something even he doesn’t do in his budget. When challenged on this, his response was just – its does add up, even when Humphrys adds the details that have been added and it actually breaks down how and where the expenditure takes place.

So either he has forgotten how spending works and is blatantly incompetent or he was spinning a pack of lies.

Now this isn’t the main part of the story which makes it similar to Dianne Abbott, what happened during this interview as well was that he didn’t appear to know the true cost of HS2.

Not just this the BBC even prompted him with what the correct figure was as well and he denied it would cost that much.

Despite this admission on a BBC radio show the only BBC report that can be found from this is the below

this is a single video buried deep in the BBC, and hard to find unless you know what you are looking for. There are no articles available to talk about this, nothing appears in news of even the politics or elections sections.

Now the argument could be levied, that this only happened today, yes that is true but look at the time stamps for Dianne Abbott and the articles appeared in the minutes and hours after her LBC interview.

I will let you make up your mind, but I would ask you this. if the mainstream media isn’t covering something that seems like big new, ask yourself why.