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The Prime Minister is not Credible on National Security, and Public Safety

You may remember back in 2015 George Osbourne announced that there would be ‘no cuts to the police’ BBC NEWS

This surprising announcement came about due to pressure on the chancellor and home office about the scale of the cuts that were proposed.

Why is this relevant today is because of this. The then Chancellor passed across to the Home Office their budget and the level of saving that they needed to make. The then home Secretary (Theresa May) came back with a scale of cuts which was primarily focused on cutting the front line police, and was far deeper than the chancellor had asked for.

Think about this for a minute – if it wasn’t for George Osbourne, and the campaign by Andy Burnham the situation facing us at the moment would have been far far worse than they are now!

So you wonder why George Osbourne was relegated to the back benches, and then why he chose to stand down this election. It is because even the architect of UK austerity, cannot stand Theresa May. That speaks volumes in itself.

But its not just this instance which shows us that she is not credible with the police.


She was warned by the police ( no less than a community award winner) that the cuts she was focusing on front line policing would inhibit the ability to gather intelligence and have real community ties and trust within communities.  Theresa May claimed this was scare mongering and the police crying wolf.

Looks like their fears were realised in the past 3 months. The Tories have gone on damage limitation, and have tried to even claim that they have increase the budget and numbers. This is laughable and only true if you look at it over the last 10 months, and even then its an increase on the previous period, but its still a case that more police are leaving the service then being recruited.

ITs poor planning and policy, if you have to cut only, to replace them later on. It provies that it was wrong to do so. The plans for the tories to bring the police numbers back up are actually spread out until 2020 and not like they are trying to make it shound from the get go.

This was from this weekend after the latest attack in London. The myth that there are extra police on the streets is a fallacy. Its a case that police are being sucking in from other areas and forces to make up numbers, leaving other areas dangerously exposed to both terror and crime. Police are working overtime and 16 hour shifts. This is not sustainable, nor is it putting more police on the streets. This is just Theresa May trying to paper over the glaring cracks in the service.

Don’t let it be used as an excuse that the cuts were from the last government and imposed by Cameron and Osbourne, That Theresa May was not responsible for them. She was and continues to be. As can be seen from this she is trying to take the public for fools. If she had her own way the cuts to the police would have been far far worse than they have been. This is a woman who cannot be trusted with our safety as her primary focus is how to line the pockets of her cronies.


Theresa May – Her police record means a bad Brexit deal is inevitable

Source: Theresa May – Her police record means a bad Brexit deal is inevitable

A great article about the deal we may face under May.

The mantra that no deal is better than a bad deal doesn’t hold true. No deal is the Worst of deals of offer. We are not negotiating a bilateral trade agreement that we can just walk away from. So the stance of them and us is a poor strategy. To alienate them is a bad choice.

If we walk away the EU won’t suffer. We will. Not only will we revert to wto rates. But all intelligence sharing, pan Europe research even non visa restricted travel will cease.

Banks that are integrated across Europe will up and move, as they won’t be able to do business properly. UK based companies that operate across borders will find operating costs go through the roof.

Who cares if corporation tax is low if their overheads mean that cannot support the workforce.


remember next time you hear no deal is better than a bad deal. Well no deal is a deal, it’s a deal where we get absolutely nothing.