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David Davis branded ‘thick as mince’ and as ‘lazy as a toad’

Dominic Cummings the mastermind behind the £350million to the NHS Brexit bus and former special advisor to Michael Gove during his time as education sectary has  branded David Davis as a lazy toad and thick as mince.

Before I continue with the article, I must profess I have a profound dislike from David Davis, from the time he was at a student Q&A question time style session at Hull University in the mid noughties. HE was in the middle of a session when his phone went off ( fair enough he is a busy politician) but he then proceeds to leave the area (again fair enough) when he comes back in, no apology, just him giving a curt comment about the phone call being more important than the Q&A. (again to be fair it probably was) The distain he said this in, and his lack of tact gave me an instant and lasting dislike for him, as he clearly had no time or care for the next generation.

Back to the issues at hand. The more we see of David Davis and the Governments approach to brexit, the more it seems like it is based of bluster and bravado. There is no constancy, no plan, no vision for what post brexit Britain looks like.

You have world leaders such as Trudeau stating how the UK is turning inwards, and hitting the self destruct button. We have a government that is still more focused on sound bites than policy. As can be seen with the offer to EU citizens in the UK. They are still being supported by the Murdoch media, to the effect that the EU made their offer on  12 June. Two weeks later on the 26th June the Government responded.

This was reported as a first move, and that the EU had rejected it. What is was, was lengthy delay in responding, and coming back with something that was far inferior to the EU proposal, something that wasn’t even a counter proposal and against what was promised by the government,, that no one would lose out, that people would not be used as political pawns. However that is exactly how our Government intends to use them.

The fact is the breixt camp isn’t a unified camp. There is no consensus on how to approach the negotiations within the government or the brexit factions. Labour also are not the answer here. While their approach is wrapped up in words like Jobs first, they are still a hard brexit party. They have outlined more than the Government but it by no means a cohesive plan.

So while Dominic Cummings labelled David Davis as thick as mine and a lazy toad, this is probably more indicative of the government as a whole, who is woefully out of its depth, and blustering along in the hope that some where some how it will work out. This should be a cause for concern, whether pro brexit or not, as it seems this government is incapable of delivering.


Theresa May – Her police record means a bad Brexit deal is inevitable

Source: Theresa May – Her police record means a bad Brexit deal is inevitable

A great article about the deal we may face under May.

The mantra that no deal is better than a bad deal doesn’t hold true. No deal is the Worst of deals of offer. We are not negotiating a bilateral trade agreement that we can just walk away from. So the stance of them and us is a poor strategy. To alienate them is a bad choice.

If we walk away the EU won’t suffer. We will. Not only will we revert to wto rates. But all intelligence sharing, pan Europe research even non visa restricted travel will cease.

Banks that are integrated across Europe will up and move, as they won’t be able to do business properly. UK based companies that operate across borders will find operating costs go through the roof.

Who cares if corporation tax is low if their overheads mean that cannot support the workforce.


remember next time you hear no deal is better than a bad deal. Well no deal is a deal, it’s a deal where we get absolutely nothing.